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Organizer: ECESI

Contact: Nedka Atanasova


Venue: Gabrovo

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Meeting Gabrovo

The Third Transnational Project Meeting on the Project “Improving the efficiency and the attractiveness of vocational education/ training of electricians” was held on 01-02 of June, 2023 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

The meeting was hosted by the European Center for Bildung, Science and Innovation (ECESI) and was held in the Technology Park at the Technical University of Gabrovo, where the participants of the meeting got acquainted with the laboratories for lighting technology and photovoltaics.

The status of the project, the updated timetable, the extension of the project implementation period conditions were presented by Mr. Karl Schmid - Project Coordinator.

In the course of the project meeting, the three training modules developed within Result 2 were presented:

- Training module 1 “Checking, maintaining, and adjusting the energy-efficient modes of operation of modern automated BMS (Building Management Systems)” developed by Social CRM Research Center e.V.  (Mr. Karl Schmid).

- Training module 2  “Energy-efficient lighting technologies” developed by ECESI  (Prof.  Plamen Tsankov).

- Training module 3  “Installation, repair, and maintenance of small-scale photovoltaic systems in buildings”,  developed by RTA  (Prof.Lazov).  

The quality management and the dissemination activities were presented.

Upcoming project activities were discussed and accepted by all partners.