Event Details

Organizer: Social CRM Research Center e.V. (SCRC)

Contact: Dr. Gunnar Hempel


Venue: Online

Event categories

Kick-off meeting

On Wednesday 30th march 2022, the lead partner on the project Social CRM Research Center e. V. organized an online kickoff meeting for the Erasmus+ project EE-VET. During the meeting project partners discussed following key points::

  • General Overview of the project to clarify aims, activities and responsibilities
  • Overview of Intellectual Results
  • Revision and refining the Work Plan as a whole, discussing potential risks
  • Accompanying activities: project management, quality management and dissemination
  • Reporting and financial matters
  • Presentation of the project activities and time table
  • Creating team project management. Development and approval of a detailed project management plan
  • Approval of the Agreement between the partner and the coordinator
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