Alytus Vocational Training Centre (AVTC) is a public institution, founded in 2004. The main type of activity of AVTC is vocational training. Other types of activities are the following: secondary education, basic education, education-specific activity, and others. The aim of the activity of Alytus Vocational Training Centre is to develop the spiritual, intellectual, and physical powers of persons, to educate creative, responsible citizens who would be able to acquire competencies and qualifications necessary to successful social integration and lifelong learning. Alytus Vocational Training Centre consists of the following departments: Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Service Business, Department of Constructional Technologies, and Business and Agriculture Department. AVTC is one of the largest institutions of vocational training in the Southern Lithuanian region. Approximately 1310 students are studying at Alytus Vocational Training Centre according to initial vocational training programs and approximately 2000 adults are studying according to formal and non-formal continuing vocational training programs every year. 48 initial vocational training programs are implemented here, two of them are intended for students with special needs, and 30 programs of continuing vocational training. Educational projects are implemented at AVTC as well as content and language integrated learning, non-formal education.